Like you, I have my story – the human story – an integral part of the healing journey and how we grow into our new story based on thriving in life and love.

The life path that led me to becoming a Therapist and Coach is interwoven with my mission and passion to support others. I know first-hand what it feels like to be stuck, miserable in a relationship and to lose your way.

On my own journey overcoming challenges relative to childhood, relationships and health, I have always nurtured a keen interest in personal development and for 25 years immersed myself in studying the dynamics of relationships, transformation and healing. As I mined for the gold in my own life and witnessed profound results, I grew inspired to support others to do the same.

I studied multiple modalities including mindfulness, human behavioural studies, coaching training, Gottman couples therapy, tantra and meditation, trauma psychology and the mechanics of relationships, leadership and embodiment.

Having addressed trauma and healed my self with these incredible tools, I became qualified to coach others through their own transformation while enjoying the bounty of love, nourishment and growth of my now 10 year marriage.

My Coaching Style...

I bring an integrated, approachable style of personal and professional experience into the coaching space, customising sessions and support to match specific needs. Trauma is granted the safe space and sensitivity to be resolved and conflicts are transformed into new relationship frontiers.

My clients experience rapid results and move from surviving to thriving!
It is my privilege to witness the phoenix rising from the ashes as they empower themselves through their transformational process.

My comprehensive training programs offered privately and in Love Me Up, represent the most effective tools, strategies and practices derived from 15 years working closely with individuals and couples, and includes all the gold from my personal and professional experiences.

Together we are making this world a better place - one person, one couple, at a time and it is my intention to inspire more joy, love, connection, peace, passion and daily loved-up goodness in your life and your relationships.

Chalisa Morrison, Love Me Up
Martin Joy - Director, Angle Branding & Design

“Fear, self-doubt, confusion, lack of clarity, ineffective communication – these were the hard truths Chalisa coached me on. I instantly experienced dramatic, internal changes after our coaching sessions that have had an immediate effect on my personal and professional life. To be honest – I’ve been blown out of the water! I cannot recommend Chalisa enough to anyone who is serious about making big changes NOW”

Director, Angle Branding & Design